AVON, Ohio — Mayor Bryan Jensen remains hopeful that the city will be ready to preserve land for future parks, even however voters on May 3 turned down an income tax maximize that would have paved the way toward that long term.

The city was trying to get a .15 percent money tax increase to be made use of for the growth of parkland about the subsequent 10 years.

The prepare was formulated in reaction to residents inquiring the mayor to place an end to the developing quantity of household developments in the city. Jensen mentioned purchasing up some house now for use as parkland afterwards could be a prevent-gap on overdevelopment.

But it was not to be.

“I was hoping it would pass,” Jensen mentioned of the earnings tax. “There are a large amount of opportunities to attain some parkland that may possibly not be offered afterwards.”

The effects of the election had been 1,721 votes for the tax and 2,223 from, according to closing, unofficial final results from the Lorain County Board of Elections.

Jensen speculated on why the ballot problem might have unsuccessful.

“One believed is we are not in a fantastic scenario with the economic climate,” he stated. “There is some concern of costs, and we believed additional men and women preferred us to maintain property. Now it seems to be like we will require to be extra selective and creative to make purchases.

“My goal is even now to protect as a lot land as possible, for the reason that at the time the homes go up, the chance is gone.

What is following?

“We will carry on to function as we have been,” he said. “Will we place the levy back on the ballot? If enough people came jointly and requested for yet another levy and explained they will advertise it, then maybe. Anything short of that, however, it may well not appear back up once more at all.

“The inhabitants have spoken. But it would have been nice to operate with the land, as they are not generating any far more of it.”

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