(WSYR-TV)– Let’s face it, sometimes life can be boring, so let us help you spruce things up a bit!

Whether it’s with friends or family, things can get a bit pricey, leaving you wishing that someone else would offer to pay the bill. With today’s list, we will help you find entertainment near you at a cheap price, that won’t leave you feeling as though it was a waste of money.

  1. Movie Tavern Syracuse

This movie theater is unlike no other in Central New York and many locals outside of Syracuse have never heard of it!

This movie theater located in Camillus, allows guests to not only watch a movie, but also dine. Talk about a perfect two-in-one date!

The theater offers you exclusive dining areas for you and your guests, all while watching that new movie you’ve been dying to see. For those who do not wish to go for the dining experience, no biggie! The theater accommodates to those movie viewers as well, with recliner seating!

The tavern has a vast selection of deals as well. Some deals include $5 movie Tuesday, $7.50 student Thursday’s, a summer deal for families include $3 kids dream summer film series that is active until Sept. 1.

For a full list of availability and deals, click the link above to visit the Movie Tavern Syracuse’s homepage!

2. Roseland Waterpark

Maybe you’re looking for a cheap way to beat the heat! Look no further because this hidden gem is located in Canandaigua, NY, just an hour away from Syracuse.

If you’re looking to get out for a few hours, you can take a splash into this family friendly waterpark that will leave you feeling cool, with a side of fun.

The park has nine wacky water rides and isn’t badly priced. Regular admission is $34.95 and after 3 p.m. all ages are $23.95.

For a full list of rides and admission prices, you can visit Roseland Waterpark’s homepage, linked above!

3. Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf

Finding cheap fun with children can be difficult sometimes, maybe take this for consideration, (plus, it’s right in Syracuse) Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf. Even if golf may not really be your thing, miniature golf is much more enjoyable with fun and tricky courses at every hole. If you have troubles getting your kids out of the house and want to try to do something with them, try this!

You can pay just $15 which gets you an all you can play for two hours, and after playing, maybe stop by Good Buddy’s Pub for a bite to eat to make it a complete family fun day! The pub is located just around the corner from the golf course!

Visit the attached link for more information!

4. Howe Caverns

Maybe you’re thinking about taking a trip down under! No, sadly there are no cheap flights to Australia, but maybe taking a trip deep underground can suffice.

Howe Caverns, located in Howe Caves, NY, near Cobleskill, allows guests to travel 156 feet below ground and explore the mysterious caves below. There are boat tours, adventure tours, signature rock discovery tours, private tours and more!

For those who love a good escape room, Howe Caverns is also presenting “Howe to Escape” escape room.

Pricing for adults is $25 per person, children 5-12 are $15 and those four and under are free.

For further information about these captivating caverns, click the link about! Lodging is also available for those that are travelling!

5. Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)

Do you have kids who you think could possibly become the next Albert Einstein? Try taking them to the MOST, located in downtown Syracuse, not only does this intrigue children, but it also helps them learn about all things scientific. Not only is it filled with exhibits of space, dinosaurs, and more, the MOST also is home to a five level play zone for kids!

The MOST is a great way to get out and explore with your kids and is a place where you’ll most likely learn things with them!

Tickets are fairly cheap, children two and under are free, children 3-11 are $10 and adults admission is $12. For a full list of exhibits, pricing, and other attractions visit the attached link!

6. The Wild Animal Park

Maybe your kids have a particular interest in animals and your looking to get out of Syracuse, try visiting The Wild Animal Park, located in Chittenango N.Y. The park has an array of animals, there are even packages that allow visitors to actually interact with some of the animals (they are kind of pricey though).

Visitors can also take part in a safari drive through where visitors can choose to take a guided tour on a bus, or drive on their own, either way, the interactive experience is certainly unforgettable and allows visitors to travel over 40 acres with animals by their side.

Prices for the safari are decently priced, children up to 12 are $15 and adults are $17, for more information, head on over to the link provided!

7. The wild center

From one wild thing to the next, try this adventurous park if you dare and walk amongst the trees. The Wild Center is located in Tupper Lake and is about three hours away from Syracuse. Those who do make the commute will certainly not be disappointed!

Maybe you would like to take a walk on the wild side, or, the wild walk that is. The wild walk takes visitors up a trail of bridges and eventually leads you to a path where you will be walking amongst the treetops. The park is filled with play areas for children, winding trails for hikers, and canoe trips, there’s something for everyone!

For an adult to visit, admission costs $22 for adults and $13 for kids, children four and under are free! For further information, visit the link above.


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