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When home hunting, future buyers often come across a heap of unusual catches when it comes to particular houses on the real estate market. Like homes coming with bizarre extras, like this residence for sale in Virginia that came with a basement dweller. Or this “slice of hell” listed house that was sold “as is” after the tenants trashed it.

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But this “catch” happens to be a biggie and will require renting a massive truck.

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A three-bedroom, one-bathroom home on the market in Aberdeen, South Dakota, comes with the cheap price of $25,000, but according to the listing on Zillow.com, it doesn’t come with the lot and needs “to be moved at buyer’s expense.”

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While this might seem appealing with the cost of buying a home skyrocketing, one might take into consideration the cost of actually relocating an entire house, which starts “at about $14 per square foot” but “that doesn’t take into account other costs, such as building a new foundation and permitting,” Realtor.com says.

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This house is 1,296 square feet, which means the starting cost to relocate it would be around $18,000 to move, and it can only shoot upward from there, depending on “how it’s moved, where it’s moved, the home’s size, and the length of the move,” Realtor reports.

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Folks on social media weren’t exactly impressed by this significant factor despite the low cost.

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“This house costs just $25K,” one person posted on Twitter. “There’s just one catch.”

“Typical Realtor: ‘Location, location, location,’” another joked.

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Wonderful small home until you get to the kitchen that was ripped directly from the Yankton Funeral Home from 1980,” another said. “What a desecration against all the beautiful woodwork.”

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Have to sleep on this one,” one person tweeted. “There’s a door knocker missing from a kitchen cabinet.”

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Aberdeen is about 175 miles southwest of Fargo, North Dakota.

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