You’ve always dreamed of owning a beautiful French chateau and now it could be possible! This is your chance to live out your dream by buying an enchanting piece of France. If you’re looking to find a French chateau for sale you can do a quick online search and pick the best one for you. There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing this type of property and here we give you a few. 

Chateaus are a great investment

Chateaus are a great investment and a fantastic place to live. They offer an almost endless number of possibilities for both renovations and modernizations, which can make them look like any style you want. Even if you don’t want to live in the French countryside, buying a chateau could be a great investment. While some may think these castles are too expensive and not worth it for personal use, they make surprisingly good investments. Chateaus can cost anywhere from $400k up to millions of dollars depending on where the castle is located and how big/modernized it was at different points throughout its history as well as who owned it through those periods. In fact, many countries have programs that will help you finance your purchase because having authentic architecture from centuries ago is important culturally for any community.

Their value will increase over time

The French chateau is the most coveted type of property in France. A lot of foreign investors are now purchasing these properties due to their ancient history and architectural beauty, not only for personal use but also as an investment. This trend has been increasing over time with many people who have bought a French Château reselling it at high rates or even better than what they originally paid for it. If you buy a castle and refurbish it, the value will increase dramatically. You can expect at least 50% of your investment back when selling it on. This is even more so if you’re buying an old chateau in need of some tender loving care! The trick here would be to ensure that the renovation work has been completed by local craftsmen using traditional materials – this way, any prospective buyers are going to know they’re getting something authentic with real character which won’t end up falling apart after a few years like most new homes do nowadays.

They have great tax benefits

One of the most attractive reasons to buy a French chateau is that they have great tax benefits. Central and local property taxes are generally lower than in other European countries, such as Germany or Belgium. The biggest benefit for many investors is that there’s no inheritance tax on residential properties (apartment buildings included). So if you invest now and decide to sell your French chateau someday, chances are you’ll make huge profits with no additional costs. You can also apply for a deduction from your income tax of 30% on any amount spent to purchase or restore an historic monument. Since chateaux are considered monuments in most cases, this means that if you buy a French castle for € 500 000 and spend another € 200 000 restoring it, then 50% of these costs would be deductible from your taxes. This is especially beneficial when buying several contiguous hectares since it could get very expensive.

They are historic landmarks 

The French Chateau is a wonderfully romantic home that has stood for centuries since the medieval times when knights roamed the land and chivalry was still alive to protect them. They are historic landmarks and so full of history and magic – there really isn’t anything like it in this world! It’s almost as if they were built with love by fairies or elves that took care to make every single stone fit perfectly into place – such attention to detail should not be ignored nor underestimated. So much effort went into each one from all those long years ago – you can see these wonderful structures on postcards because everyone knows how beautiful France is. Many of these châteaux were built with careful attention paid to design and architecture with luxurious materials like gold-leafed ceilings, fine silk wallpapers, intricately carved woodwork and furniture fit for royalty – all adding up to make something truly magical.

You can rent out your chateau for weddings and events

The history, the beauty and even its very practical use as both a family home and rental property make it an excellent investment opportunity. Chateaus are a great investment for those who want to make money from renting out their property as they can earn you between €50,000 and €100,000 per year in rentals alone. In addition, if your chateau is located within 30 minutes of Paris or another major city it could be worth up to around half a million Euros more than comparable properties that aren’t near such popular areas. Chateaus can also serve as hotels and restaurants. Some people want to buy an old castle that they could turn into a hotel or restaurant with multiple rooms and suites. There’s something very romantic about staying inside of an aged castle instead of at a chain motel on the side of the highway.

Rent it out for movie sets and photoshoots

Many movie sets and photoshoots require the use of a beautiful French country home. Renting out your chateau can be an excellent way to generate income while you wait for that perfect potential buyer to come along when you are ready to sell. Some movies need large castles or other buildings as their set which could work well with renting an existing mansion in France. This kind of rental is popular during fall and winter months when there are fewer tourists visiting the country, so it might not help you pay off your new home right away, but it will give some cash flow while you wait for that to happen.

If you have been dreaming of owning a stunning chateau in France, now is the time to buy. The economic climate makes it an excellent moment for investing your money and future retirement plans into property overseas. You will find great deals on castles too as sellers are willing to negotiate prices with buyers from around the world so take advantage of this opportunity. Enrich yourself with a piece of French history by purchasing one today!