Everyone has parts of their home they hate looking at, whether it’s a scratch on the wall or a disorganized closet. Sometimes, these small annoyances feel like a big undertaking to fix, but they can actually be much easier and cheaper than you realize. This list includes a variety of affordable solutions for the eyesores around your house.

For example, it’s impossible to ignore the pet hair that piles up on furniture, rugs, and clothing, but you can help manage it with this pet hair remover. Or if you’re a cat lover (but not a cat litter lover), this hidden litter box looks like a piece of high-end furniture.

If storage and organization are problems for you, then you’re in luck. This list features tons of organizational tools, like this purse storage that hangs over the back of your closet or a monitor stand with drawers for storing your office supplies.

Whether you want to make small cosmetic changes or completely rearrange a room, you’ll find plenty of cheap and easy solutions on this list.

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Paint chipping on your walls

Freshly painted walls look great, but eventually, the paint is likely to chip in at least a few spots. Instead of getting out your rollers and painting pants, try these fillable brush pens designed for touch-ups. The pens can be filled with paint like a syringe and have a brush tip you can use to paint over chips or scratches in the paint.


The grout in your bathroom is dirty

Once the grout around your bathroom tiles goes gray or black from the dirt, it can be hard to clean and get it white again. This grout pen lets you color in the grout to give it a clean white look without having to scrub your bathroom with a toothbrush for hours. Each pen is enough to cover about 150 square feet.


Your kitchen accessories don’t match at all

If you’re like me, then your collection of oven mitts is probably mismatched and falling apart. Give them an upgrade with this set of oven mitts and potholders in matching colors. They have lining for insulation and are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees. They also have silicone strips on the outside so you can more securely grip pots and pans.


Your furniture is covered in pet hair

It always feels like piles of pet hair accumulate just minutes after vacuuming. This lint roller helps pick up pet fur, dandruff, and lint in between vacuuming sessions. Use it on your furniture, clothing, or carpet. The roller is lightweight and easy to carry around, with a release button that allows you to easily dispense the accumulated hair.


The drying rack takes up too much space in your laundry room

Drying racks for your clothing tend to take up a lot of space, but this three-tiered drying rack hangs over the back of your door, so it won’t take up any extra room on the floor. It comes with metal hooks that you can either hang over the top of the door or on a rod in the closet or shower.


Your fancy clothes are mixed in with your everyday wears

You may not need to wear a suit or evening gown all the time, but when you do, you don’t want to pull it out of the closet only to realize it’s dirty or dusty — or, wedged between two old t-shirts. These garment bags keep your clothes clean and protected. They have a transparent window so you can see what clothes are in the bag without having to unzip it.


Your pile of purses that has nowhere to live

Purses can be tricky to store, because they’re bulky and don’t always hang well. This purse organizer hangs over the back of your closet door and has clear slots that securely hold your purses. They come in a pack of two and each organizer has six deep pockets. They can also be used to hold towels or other linens.


The toilet brush that hasn’t been replaced in years

You probably don’t think about your toilet brush unless you’re using it, which means you probably haven’t thought about replacing it. Give your bathroom an upgrade with this stainless steel toilet brush and holder. It has a bronze color and the brush is completely concealed when in the holder.


Your wrapping paper is shoved in a closet

No one wants to give a present that’s been wrapped in wrinkled paper. This wrapping paper storage container is designed to hold rolls of wrapping paper so they don’t get messed up, along with spaces for ribbons, bows, and other wrapping supplies. It has handles that make it easy to carry or store under the bed.


Your front walkway is too dark to see

If you don’t have proper lighting on the outside of your house, it can be hard to see your walkway or front door, especially for guests coming over for a visit. These solar-powered garden lights have stakes at one end so you can stick them in the grass or dirt in your yard. They charge in the sun and automatically turn on when it gets dark out.


The stash of tea bags is disorganized

Keep your collection of tea bags organized with this bamboo tea box that has eight compartments and a transparent lid so you can see what’s inside. It also has a small drawer where you can store other tea accessories, like a spoon or tea infuser.


Having a bunch of plastic hangers that break

I’ve broken plenty of plastic hangers, either because they’ve gotten too worn out or just snapped after holding a heavy item. These wooden hangers are sturdy enough to hold even your heaviest clothes, with a durable metal hook for hanging. They also have notches to prevent your clothes from slipping off.


There are scuffs and markings on your walls

Getting scuffs or marks on your walls are just a natural part of life, but these magic eraser sponges can help clean them off. The sponges are made from a melamine resin material that gives a powerful clean without having to use harsh chemicals. They can be used on walls, appliances, glass, and plenty of other materials.


The cords from your TV are distracting

Nothing messes up carefully curated decor like the eyesore that is a dangling TV cable (or any kind of cable, really). They’re an inevitable part of life, but at least you can hide them with these cord covers for the wall. The cover is wide enough to hold 3-6 cables, depending on the width. It’s white but can be painted to match your wall color.


Your hats get bent out of shape because there’s nowhere to store them

Most of my baseball hats are just laying around the house in random places, but if I had this cap organizer rack, I could easily hang them in my closet. The rack fits onto a hanger and has 10 metal clips that can clasp onto your hats. It can also be used for other small clothing items, like beanies or gloves.


Your granite countertops are dirty or streaky

You may not realize it, but all-purpose cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can damage a granite countertop. This granite cleaner is designed for cleaning stone with a neutral pH so it will enhance the shine on your counters instead of dulling them. It can also be used on marble and quartz countertops.


Your phone charger is always falling off your desk

When they’re not in use, phone charges tend to end up in a crumpled heap on the floor. Keep them tidy with these cable clips that keep them securely attached to your desk. The clips attach with an adhesive and have five slots for holding your cords. You also get a second, smaller piece that has three slots.


Office supplies clutter up your desk

This monitor stand not only raises your monitor a few inches off the surface of your desk, but also doubles as storage for your office supplies. It has two drawers, one with dividers and one with open space. Use it to hold office supplies like paper clips and pens, as well as folders and documents.


Your cat’s litter box is out in the open

You don’t go to the bathroom out in the open, and neither should your cat. This enclosed litter box creates a hidden place for your cat to do their business so you don’t have to see or smell it as clearly. It’s made from dark wood that can even double as an end table. It also has a towel rod on the side of the box.


The shampoo & soap bottles in your bathroom mess up the decor

If your shampoo and soap bottles are messing up the aesthetics of your bathroom, transfer the liquid into this set of matching bottles. The refillable bottles are a matching set labeled to hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The bottles are clear, but they also come in other translucent colors including green, gray, and amber.


Spare toilet paper is stacked on top of the toilet tank

The back of your toilet isn’t very clean, so it’s not the best stop to store toilet paper. This toilet paper roll holder can fit around seven rolls of toilet paper. And the best part is that it’s designed to look like a sheep, with the rolls taking place of the sheep’s wool, adding a whimsical piece of decor to your bathroom.


Your liquor collection isn’t sophisticated

You don’t have to have expensive taste in liquor to make it look expensive. These decanters are made from intricately cut glass that looks elegant in your home bar. They come in a set of two, which you can use to hold whiskey, gin, or any other liquor of your choosing. They have a glass stopper with an airtight seal.


Your furniture is covered with water stains

In an ideal world, you and your guests would use a coaster every time you set down a drink — but, that doesn’t always happen. Luckily, this water mark remover cloth helps erase those white rings caused by setting down a wet glass. Reviewers rave about how well the cloth works with one calling it “a total miracle.”


Your dresser doesn’t go with the rest of the room

Your furniture is often a collection of pieces you’ve bought over the years, so they’re not always cohesive with your bedroom’s decor. Give your dresser an easy makeover with this adhesive dresser sticker that acts like wallpaper for your furniture. The stickers work best on drawers with no handles and come in 24 designs.


Your balcony railings are boring and don’t offer a ton of privacy

There’s no shame in decorating your home with artificial plants if you don’t have a green thumb. These fake ivy leaves, which are an Amazon bestseller, can be hung around your balcony or patio area for extra privacy, or you can even hang them in a room for some extra decor. The pack comes with 24 pieces of ivy vines.


The backsplash in your kitchen is outdated

If the backsplash in your kitchen is a little outdated, or if you want to add some tile to a kitchen you rent, try these peel and stick tiles. The tiles have a rectangular design with a mix of neutral colors (they also come in four other color schemes). Just remove the adhesive backing and stick it to the wall in your kitchen, bathroom, or another wall in your home.


Outlet covers are cracked or dirty

Outlets are a small feature of your home that can easily be overlooked among other home updates. These decorative outlets have a rope edge detail around the edges and have a bronze coloring. They come in a pack of two and can fit over most traditional, outlets.


Your garage door doesn’t match the rest of your house

There are plenty of changes you can make to the outside of your home to spruce it up, but you may overlook your garage door. If you want to go for a farmhouse look, add these magnetic garage door accents that add a rustic look. The set includes two accent handles and four hinges.


Your internet router clashes with your decor

There’s no way around it: technology can be ugly. Take your internet router for example; it’s ugly but you rely on it daily. This wall-mounted router shelf is the perfect way to hide your router without blocking the internet signal. It’s made from dark wood and can be mounted to the wall with a couple of screws.


Food leaves residue in your fridge

Between produce, meat, and occasional spills, your fridge can get dirty pretty fast. These fridge liners make it easy to keep your fridge shelves clean since you can remove them and wash them off instead of standing in front of your fridge and scrubbing it. They have a nonslip surface on the bottom that keeps them from moving around.


There’s too much clutter on your bathroom countertop

Keep your bathroom counter neat and tidy by storing your toiletries in this bathroom organizer. The organizer comes with cups for rinsing, slots for holding your toothbrushes, a toothpaste dispenser, and drawers for holding your extra accessories. It can be easily attached to the wall with an adhesive.


Your windowsills are just collecting dust

An easy way to avoid having to clean bare windowsills is to put a plant on them. These window herb planters are perfect for growing some basil or thyme on your windowsill, as the planters have a narrow rectangular bottom. They also have built-in water reservoirs that help keep your plants hydrated in between watering.


Pots & pans are overflowing out of your cabinets

With their big and bulky shape, there’s no easy way to store pots and pans in your cabinet. An easier solution is this rack that hangs from the ceiling with hooks for your pots, pans, and cooking tools. The hooks can be moved around so you can space to your liking, and the rack itself can be used as a shelf for cooking sheets or other items that can’t be hung.


The art on your wall is crooked

Decorating your home with art and personal photos adds character to your home, but if they’re all crooked, that might be a little more character than you bargained for. This level tool makes it easy to hang your art straight, with vertical and horizontal vials that help show whether the angle is level or not.


Furniture is scratching up the floors

Put these felt furniture pads on the legs of your coffee table or dining chairs to prevent them from leaving scratches on your wood floors. The pads come in a 133-piece set with a wide range of sizes and two colors — brown and beige. There are circular and square pads for different shapes of furniture, as well as large felt pads you can cut to size.


Your mail is scattered around the house

If you don’t have a designated spot to put your mail when you walk in the door, it’s likely to end up in a random spot around the house. This mail organizer is perfect for hanging near your front door, with two slots for holding mail and three hooks for holding keys or an umbrella. It comes in five shades of wood.


Your pantry is filled with half-open cereal boxes

Cereal boxes never actually seal properly, which looks messy and causes your cereal to go bad more quickly. This airtight cereal dispenser has a lid that pops open when pressed, so you can easily pour and reseal your breakfast. You could also use it to hold oats, flour, or other dry goods.


Water collects around your kitchen faucet

I’m so used to water pooling around my faucet that I don’t even notice it anymore. But it doesn’t have to be this way! This splash guard fits around your faucet to prevent this from happening. It’s made from a super absorbent material that soaks up excess water and dries quickly, helping prevent mold and mildew.


Your patio has too many mosquitos to be comfortable

Mosquitos can turn a perfect summer night into a miserable experience. This rechargeable mosquito repellant helps keeps bugs away without having a strong scent or using an open flame. The repellant is activated by heat and can provide up to five and a half hours of protection on one charge.


Your furniture is faded from sun damage

The color of your furniture can be lightened or damaged by the sun streaming in through the windows. Keep your furniture in good condition with these blackout curtains that keep out almost all sunlight. Plus, they help keep the temperature in your house regulated. The curtains come in several sizes and in more than 20 colors.


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