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What do you think can wreak havoc on your pipes and sewage lines in Bexley? Well, with everyday usage of water, stuff such as hair, food particles, grease, soap, dirt and a lot more are going down the drain without you even being aware of it.

If you don’t clean your toilet drain and kitchen sink on a regular basis, chances are that clogging will happen and the build-up may cause damage to your home’s plumbing system. If and when that happens, don’t ever think of fixing the problem yourself to avoid more serious damage. Instead, you should give a plumber Bexley tradesman a ring. It is therefore essential to maintain proper drain cleaning so as to avoid plumbing issues in the future and minimise damage to your household.

Why should you do proper drain maintenance? Listed below are some benefits.

Lifespan of your drain is prolonged

Cleaning your pipes routinely will eliminate the build-up of chemical deposits along the inner part of your drain pipes. This chemical build-up inside can corrode the pipes. Without corrosion, the drain life is enhanced and future leaks are prevented. When the life of the drain pipes is extended, it means no more gutting of your home just to replace old drain pipes. 

Stinking odours are eliminated

As you clean your drain, debris and food particles are removed, hence, with no build-up, unpleasant smell can be prevented. If there’s foul odour then it signifies the presence of bacteria and moulds. They love to grow in dark, moist places and the inside of your drain pipes is the perfect breeding ground.

Even regular streaming of water down the drain could not wash away this stuff. A clean kitchen sink and toilet drain can prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Therefore, give your drain thorough cleaning every now and then. 

Draining is faster

Once the drains are free from clogs, you’ll notice that draining becomes quicker. For sure, you don’t want your toilet drain to back up, do you?

Clogs are obvious if you can hear a gurgling sound with the drain emptying slowly. Worse, dirty water will likely overflow if there’s a massive blockage. When this occurs, it would be impossible to do a DIY stint, so the right person who can handle the job is a professional plumber.

Expensive repairs can be avoided

Pipes that are maintained properly will give you no reason to incur repairs that are usually expensive. Of course, with a minimal problem that’s resolved right away, your drain will enjoy a longer lifespan.

Be wary of small issues before they turn into a mammoth problem. An expert plumber can tell you if your aging drain pipes need to be repaired or replaced.

Damage to your home can be avoided

Clogged toilet drains and kitchen sinks if not cleared can cause the build-up of chemical deposits. And we all know that corrosion of pipes would result in damage to the plumbing system. With waste water overflowing to your flooring, expect your floor tiles to get damaged aside from getting nasty air circulating inside your home.