In today’s tough economy, businesses are doing everything they can to be cost-effective. However, they often cut facilities management, thinking it is too expensive. Facilities management is actually a great savings for your company. Here are the benefits of having a top-notch facilities management system.

1. Cost Savings: Buildings and land are usually the second largest expenditure of any business (second only to labor). By effectively implementing sound facilities management practices, a business can save millions annually. These measures include keeping all building systems and equipment up to date and running efficiently, and maintaining security. This will save the company money in the long run by reducing utility costs, eliminating expensive emergency service calls and lawsuits.

2. Customer satisfaction: While many people would not admit it, they are far more likely to visit (and revisit) a company that takes pride in its appearance. By keeping the site well maintained, a company shows that it pays attention to detail and will go the extra mile.

3. Occupant retention: It is far easier to keep an occupant than to find a new one. By paying attention to occupant and visitor concerns about such things as room temperatures, building owners and managers show they want to keep them satisfied.

4. Code compliance: As we all know, today’s society is more litigious than ever and government standards are always changing. An effective facilities management system, by documenting operations, can serve as evidence that your company is striving to provide a safe environment. This documentation can be very important if a lawsuit were to arise.

5. “Green” image: Not only is eco-friendly facilities management important for conserving natural resources and reducing pollution, today it can be a major selling point. While it will likely be the main drawing card for attracting customers, pointing out that your company strives to maintain “green” operations in its building and grounds will impress potential customers.

6. Personnel retention: Everyone is more productive when they work in a safe, comfortable environment. By using effective facilities management, you can control labor costs because your staff will be working at its best. You will be better able to attract and retain the best employees.

7. Safety: No one wants to be in a workplace under constant threats, whether it be from accidents, thefts or violence. Establish and maintain effective and up-to-date facilities management. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your staff, occupants and visitors are as safe as possible. That peace of mind is worth any perceived additional cost.

8. Health-care costs: As you know, businesses lose millions each year in sick time and health care costs. Effective facilities management may prevent sick building syndrome, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and a host of other ills. This may save health care costs and employee downtime.

9. Resale value: If and when the time comes to sell your facility, you will likely get a far better price if you can show you have well-maintained buildings and grounds. You may also be able to sell quickly because you won’t have to go through a frantic process to “stage” the property – it will already be ready to show.

These nine benefits will show you that, as the saying goes, “Facilities doesn’t cost, it pays.” Invest in your facilities management programs and start reaping the benefits.

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