If you’ve been stung by a scorpion, or are living in a scorpion infested area, you’ve probably asked the question, “Can You Scorpion-Proof a Home?” The Answer… There are some simple measures you can take to HELP Scorpion PROOF a home!

I say HELP Scorpion Proof Your home for a couple reasons. First of all Scorpions only need a TINY crack (1/16 of an inch wide to be exact) to enter a home. Chances are you probably wont be able to seal every crack that small around your home. Secondly, Scorpions are hunters and will keep coming from neighboring properties, the desert, and green belt areas. You should really keep your Professional Pest Control service going to ensure total Scorpion Control inside your home and yard!

Just like any bug, Scorpions need food, moisture, & shelter to survive. Remove these scorpion resources from your home and yard to help Seal Scorpions out, and get MAXIMUM Control!

  • Remove harboring areas in your yard that attract scorpions and their prey, like: stacks of wood, piles of leaves, over grown bushes, tree bark, large to mid-size rocks, & debris.
  • Scorpions and the bugs they prey on seek moisture, so make sure that your exterior watering system is working correctly – not over watering. Do not allow areas to puddle.
  • Make sure all your DOOR SWEEPS & Weather-Stripping are in good order, and replace the old ones.
  • CAULK around every door, window, utility pipe, and wire entering your home.
  • If you have a cinder block wall fence, use Concrete CAULK in block fence “I” (connecting) blocks and cracks.
  • Seal your concrete expansion joints around your home, garage, pool, and side walks with concrete caulk.
  • Prevent professional pest control treatments from being absorbed into block wall fences by SEALING the fence with an acrylic paint, or similar sealant!
  • ONLY use YELLOW LIGHT BULBS outside! They are less attractive to bugs that scorpions feed on like: CRICKETS, beetles, and MANY more!
  • Stuff Copper Mesh into the weeps around your home. (between stucco or siding and foundation. Usually you can stuff it up under stucco exterior walls) For smaller areas around the weep simply use caulk.
  • SCREEN all VENTS around and on top of your home that lead inside. Be careful not to screen off the dryer vent to prevent fire hazards.
  • SCREEN exhaust fans.
  • CAULK around light fixtures, electric plug plates, and plumbing pipes on the interior of your home.

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