It is usually that if you wanted to do a land analysis, you would go to your local Talathi office or give a visit to the area personally. But this is no longer the case.

REAL maps have made the land records, survey number, networks such as roadways, water bodies and much more accessible at just your fingertips, now people are able to see their plot or the required area while waiting for the train.

REAL maps now cover 6 major states, land records of Madhya Pradesh being newly imposed. This land record includes information such as khasra no. along with a map (khasra naksha) along with adjoining survey numbers. This helps a person in understanding the location, elevation and the many other land details.

These land records are streamlined with a smart search option that provides information with the help of Geographic Information System (GIS), which are integrated on the map which contains information such as land measurements, 7/12, survey number, etc. These services are truly revolutionizing the way the land analysis was carried out. Plus, the convenience to download and print the map is truly an add-on.

With the easy availability of land records, many users from various region and counties are now able to access the data and required information from anywhere and everywhere, that used to seem impossible and a tedious task.

I would definitely say it’s a great digitalization of the services, especially for the people looking for land management, land analysis, and land collection data. REAL maps have proven to be one of the best platforms to provide data which it will help you make all the land-related queries reliable, effective and simpler.

It is certainly a great deal for the business sectors dealing in Real Estate, Banking, Government and Insurance as well.

Also, the convenience to be able to pay online from any corner of the world. So, for example, a person residing in Canada or anywhere in else in the world can access and get the information about Indian plots without much hassle.

Additionally, the sample report service helps the users to understand the output of using the REAL map services for free. REAL map as a SAAS (Software as a service) can be used with various software and applications and is highly customisable as per the requirement.

Currently,the REAL map has successfully delivered more than 20 thousand reports and with the availability of 11,99,319 square km land records from 6 major states. The very increasing number is truly an achievement.

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