In my interviews people discover through (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets, how to engage the client. How to design a system specifically for them and implement it over time, usually within 3 to 6 months. These results come by a systematic series of proven steps.

What the consultants do is develop a unique selling proposition. Several top companies have great USP’S, and take Toyota, who is recognized as number one because of Reliability. Solid Comfort, the Furniture Manufacturer says in their USP: “Deliveries On Time 99.9% Of The Time.” This was but One item in their Ten Point Promise.

Another USP would be: “We offer a 10-point promise of reliability to help increase your profit.” This USP is helping set record sales 2 years in a row for Solid Comfort. They have it integrated in their brochure. They have it integrated on their business cards and on their web site. I have to emphasize to the HMA consultants that the beauty of this marketing system is that steps 1 and 2 (of 8) can have such a powerful impact; The USP and the Integration.

Even the sales people making calls now talk about their “on-time delivery guarantee.”

I would also say that as we are learning over the years. That through all of these stories and case studies, there were some consultants that have failed and some HMA consultants will. There will be some USP’S that do not work. If I were to identify the number one reason it doesn’t work, it is that the sales people have not gotten around it and sold it to the customers.

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