Complete Leakage Fix It’s the most important thing we should keep inconsideration to fix leakages. Most of the pest get birth by the help of Leak tapes it provide nourishments for cockroaches and a perfect environment for their eggs. Cockroaches can grow for three months without any food or water. So we have to fix that leakage first so that they begin starving them. Replace away the Cardboard Boxes Cardboard boxes are the safe place for the Cockroaches and they can lay their eggs. Quality pest control in Dubai best solution for cockroach control

Cardboard boxes create a perfectly a warm, dark and moist environment for cockroaches to hide and reproduce. You should keep these cardboard if you have any one in your home, in a plastic suffocate box. Never Leave any Food Out No matter how small the food you drop away in your home. Try to clean it straight away on that time. However this is not always possible to do but if it’s in the case of kids. You can also try to spray on the floors and counter with raid. As its not the effective as starving the cockroaches. It increases the chances of cockroach’s easting the poison and removes them away. Quality pest control in Dubai best solution for cockroach control

Proper Spray of Pesticides You can buy spray in the supermarket or you can get the professional pest control services in Dubai.Its most important to spray entire home under the all cracks and furniture’s. This spray is only effective to the live cockroaches but it doesn’t work for cockroach eggs. So keep inconsideration to clean for at least four months. Drop a Cockroach powder under every door and corner. In order to prevent new cockroaches from entering your home, place cockroach power under every door and window Keep Your Home in Low Temperature. Cockroaches require warm and dark environment for them to survive and prosper. By keeping the lights on and turning your home into permanent winter, the roaches may leave your home. Get in touch with us we are the Professional Pest Control Company in Dubai or Call Pest Control Sharjah. To know more about scary cockroach facts, check our new article with Five Facts about bed bugs that will blow your mind: Pest Control in Sharjah

Deep clean your home The first step before your kill your pests, you need to remove all your food sources and hide them in same place. The only way to do so, is by getting a deep cleaning or hiring a Pest Control Company in Dubai of your home. Things you should check is your Bathroom and Kitchen drainage systems, behind and inside the washing machine, under all furniture and picture frames and the most important are garbage bins..

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