Restaurant Visit: Veggies as Decor at Tekés in Paris

In the latest decades, the area to be in Paris has been, at any presented time, a person of a string of Israeli dining establishments. It commenced with Balagan, then Shabour, with rough-hewn interiors and a Michelin star. (Vogue France proclaimed it “our new most loved cafe in the coronary heart of Paris” in 2019 and mentioned that you are probable to be greeted at the door with a glass of bubbly.)

Now the staff guiding the two eateries—including chef Assif Granit—has opened Tekés, “an ode to plants and to the ancestral cooking techniques of Jerusalem,” in accordance to the Tekés internet site, and all vegetarian. The restaurant’s name usually means “ceremony” in Hebrew, and in truth, the interiors by Rodolphe Albert from Cent 15 Architecture truly feel like a web site for quietly chic celebration. Consider a look.

Photography courtesy of Tekés.

tekés is located on rue saint sauveur in the \2nd arrondissement, just a s 9
Earlier mentioned: Tekés is found on Rue Saint-Sauveur in the 2nd arrondissement, just a stone’s throw from Shabour. Tall glass home windows swivel open up to connect the eating area to the road. Photograph by means of Frama.

To enter, “there are two doorways, based on your mood,” in accordance to Tekés. The initial enters by means of Klay, the swanky sporting activities club launched by Arthur Benzaquen (also a portion of the workforce at the rear of Tekés). “The other doorway qualified prospects to the restaurant, with its bold earthen colors.”

Over: “We didn’t want to drop into the cliché of vegetarian places to eat with vegetation in all places but did want to emphasize the elements that let them to increase: light, water and soil,” Cécile Lévy (government chef) and staff advised The Socialite Relatives. Observe the tiers of potatoes just past the entrance. Photograph by Frama.
the interiors are built out with organic feeling custom millwork. photograph by 11
Higher than: The interiors are developed out with organic and natural-emotion custom millwork. Photograph by Adel Fecih.

the bar and table seating is by frama: the chair 0\1 and bar chair 0\1, both in 12
Over: The bar and table seating is by Frama: the Chair 01 and Bar Chair 01, each in heat brown birch. Photograph by Frama.
a mix of terra cotta, recycled and repurposed materials, and plaster niches fil 13
Previously mentioned: A mix of terra cotta, recycled and repurposed supplies, and plaster niches crammed with ceramics “reconcile the city dweller with touring,” Tekés suggests. Photograph by Adel Fecih.
the ceramic wall and table lights are all by paris based villa arev. photograph 14
Over: The ceramic wall and table lights are all by Paris-primarily based Villa Arev. Photograph by Adel Fecih.
the open kitchen is situated in the restaurant
Previously mentioned: The open kitchen area is situated in the restaurant’s centre. Photograph by Nawel Odin.
meals are served in indian terra cotta dishes. photograph by marine mackowiak. 16
Above: Foods are served in Indian terra cotta dishes. Photograph by Marine Mackowiak.
veggies are employed as decor throughout. photograph by nawel odin. 17
Earlier mentioned: Veggies are used as decor through. Photograph by Nawel Odin.
the terrace by candlelight. photograph by benjamin rosemberg. 18
Over: The terrace by candlelight. Photograph by Benjamin Rosemberg.

For a lot more, follow Tekés on Instagram @tekes_paris, and examine out these other Paris sizzling places:

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