There are many reasons why you would want to board your horse with a professional stable. Obviously the primary reason is if you don’t actually have stables of your own, but would like to keep a horse. Perhaps your little princes has been badgering you for a pony for a long time, and you’ve always used the excuse that a downtown condo is no place for “Angel”. However, even if you do have the space, you may want to take the following points into consideration.

Ready? Then let’s start. First, in favour of:

The number one point in support for the advantages and disadvantages of horse boarding stables is going to be that most boarding stables are professionally run, with years of experience in dealing with horses. This means the best care possible for your steeds. Animals can pick out inexperience, and may react badly when they feel uneasy, which is a danger to all involved. With experienced handlers the horses will remain calm and safe.

The secondary positive point is that with the level of professionalism comes a certain level of responsibility. All stables are required to be registered businesses, with some States further requiring permits or licenses to operate. You can rest assured your horse will be in good hands!

A 3rd favorable point is you have a full-time staff that will pay the utmost attention to your horse, 24 hours a day. They will get the attention and treatment they deserve.
A fourth big benefit is all horse boarding stables have vets on call, so in case anything should happen, your horse will be the first to be looked after..
Lastly, the 5th point in support is going to be that your horse will be happiest with other horses to run with. Most stables have open paddocks that allow the horses free roaming time, which is great for the mental wellbeing of your horse.

To keep this balanced, there are cons:

The leading point against the advantages and disadvantages of horse boarding stables is the cost. Most stables are not cheap. As they say, you get what you pay for! Of course the cost normally includes feed, care, insurance, housing, transport and 24 hour care/protection, so it’s understandable.

And the second negative point is that the horse is not nearby! Particularly if you are in a city. Most horse boarding stables are in the countryside, which means a significant drive just to ride for a few hours.

A 3rd significant point against is that you cannot look after your horse. Many people get horses to experience the joy of looking after them. When your horse is boarded at a stable, the day to day care is usually looked after by the staff. Obviously you can usually visit as often as you want, but it can get terribly inconvenient.

A fourth negative point will be because of the previous point, the horses often form bonds with their carers, and not their owners. This isn’t a huge problem however, as horses which are well looked after will be loyal and kind to anyone!

And 5th and last, but not necessarily the least, consideration against is the lack of responsibility. It might sound odd, but if you are getting the horse for your daughter, one of the primary reasons might be to teach her the value of responsibility of a living being, and looking after it. With the horse housed in a stables off-site, this isn’t as easy to teach.

So there we have all the arguments from each side.

Finally then, what’s the “bottom line” here? Are the advantages and disadvantages of horse boarding stables bad or good?

We have a “Yes” response to both questions! The advantages and disadvantages of horse boarding stables are both negative and positive. The reader will have to pick which side, the good or the bad, outweigh the other…

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