11 Other Things You Can Store In Your Wine Fridge Besides Wine – Sunnydaze  Decor

Kitchen refrigerators/deep freezers are commonly used to chill drinks and beverages and preserve food items. But compared to a wine fridge built specially for wines, they have some unpleasant features such as the noise they generate when in use or the inconsistency in temperature. 

This is why a wine fridge is a better way of chilling drinks (wine), but buying such an expensive appliance if you hardly entertain or store very little wine might seem a waste of funds. If you own or plan to buy a wine cooler fridge but worry about how to repurpose it, there are a lot of other things that you can store in your wine fridge. 

This article will be turning the spotlight on 7 of those things.

  1. Makeup

Preposterous right? One might ask what the business makeup has in a wine fridge as very few know that keeping skincare products cold makes them more effective and soothing to the skin. It also improves durability but, most importantly, feels amazingly different when used. 

  1. Plates

If you have any reason to serve cold dishes and drinks, a sure way to maintain the chill even at room temperature is to cool the plates and wine glasses beforehand. Meanwhile, consider adding sauce for duck to your meal plan for the next dinner. 

  1. Chocolate

All it takes to have your chocolate melt is a little heat which takes the satisfaction out of it. A wine fridge is a perfect place to store chocolate as it is built with the right temperature to store red wine, which is also the best state for chocolate to be stored. This keeps the chocolate cold without necessarily freezing it. 

  1. Snacks

Have you ever had your kids stand before the refrigerator with the doors open while trying to pick out a snack? You may notice the action ups your electricity bills, an expense that can be avoided with a wine fridge. 

Because wine fridges come with wooden racks, it is easy to put snacks together in one place, and the transparent doors make it possible to see exactly where what you need can be found. 

  1. Fruits

You can make fruits last longer by storing them in your wine cellar. Since some fruits are stored at a temperature different from others, a wine fridge with a dual-zone temperature is the best for this. When storing peaches, bananas, nectarines, and plums, keep them in the fridge only after they ripen. 

  1. Vegetables

While zucchini and celery could perfectly be stored in a wine fridge, keep gingers and garlic away as vegetables with a strong odor harm your wine. 

  1. Beer

The dual-zone feature in wine fridges was designed originally to be set to the right temperature for red and white wine, respectively, as there are different wine glasses for both,  thus making it the go-to option for storing beer. 

A wine fridge is quite the asset, don’t you think? Of course, the list doesn’t end here. Cheese, meat, mineral water, and even cigars can be stored in a wine fridge. But if you want to use yours to store other things, the interiors might need some modifications. The racks can hold your vermouth, but you can’t be sure about an apple.