There is no question Elden Ring’s Erdtree is massive. You can see some model of the detail from almost just about everywhere in the Lands Concerning, and it towers around even the greatest peaks in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Now, thanks to Soulsborne dataminer and investigator Zullie the Witch, we know why.

In a movie searching into the sheer dimension of the Erdtree, Zullie considered multiple techniques to evaluate its height, inevitably settling on the edition witnessed at the heart of Leyndell, Royal Captial, as that is the closest we at any time get to it. Crunching the numbers, Zullie established the Erdtree is a staggering 4,452 meters tall, or 14,606 toes overall from the ground to the optimum branch. For comparison, the tallest making individuals have ever built — the Burj Khalifa in Dubai — rises a humble 828 meters or 2,717 feet into the sky.

Zullie when compared the Erdtree’s height to Everest, owner of the highest level on Earth and taker of much more than 300 life. Working with the identical parameters Zullie employed to measure the Erdree and seem at Everest’s top from its base substantial in the Himalayas, it reaches all over 4,200 meters into the sky on the south facet. Must the Erdtree mature from the similar elevation as Everest’s foundation, and you seemed at it from the south side, you would even now be looking up at a different 200 meters, or all over 656 toes, of tree.

If the Erdtree have been on the Tibetan Plateau side of Everest, the mountain would be 748 meters taller at about 5,200 meters, or 2,454 ft — that’s much more than fifty percent a mile of added height. Even so, that the Erdtree would be flawlessly obvious or stand earlier mentioned, Earth’s highest peak is a testomony to the scale of the tree by itself and Elden Ring as a total.

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