My house always has some sort of problem to deal with (and pay for). There’s usually a scratched piece of furniture, a little hidden dust, an always-damp bath mat, or some other little issue. I mean, who’s even heard of a house without a few things that constantly need to be fixed or tweaked? And some home mishaps can be pretty pricey. But you can actually fix these 40 expensive problems around your house for surprisingly cheap.

This list will help us all out, and first, we need to work on those scratched-up tables. There’s a marker and wax stick kit on the list for a unique but permanent fix. But we all know nicks and scuffs don’t only happen to wood tables. They’re usually all over the house. Think about baseboards, doorway trim, even wood floors, and your pantry door. This budget-friendly touch-up kit is perfect for those spots too.

Also, on the list, you’ll find a dusting set because that hidden dust on our ceiling fans isn’t helping anyone’s allergies. We could all also benefit from the waterproof bamboo bath mat because there’s definitely mold and mildew living in our bath mats. So, let’s all just get an affordable but air-flow-friendly mat and stop thinking about it.

We all get frustrated at having to spend money on the house problems on this list. So, let’s at least start fixing them for cheap.

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Problem: You Get Mildew In Your Bathroom & Pantry

Solution: Hang This Cordless Dehumidifier Up To Absorb Moisture

There’s no need to use up an oh-so-precious bathroom outlet with this cordless dehumidifier. It doesn’t need a power source because it’s packed with spill-proof moisture beads that absorb all that extra shower steam and humidity. When it’s all filled up, these handy little beads turn green, so you know to plug in the dehumidifier and recharge its moisture-absorbing properties.

Problem: Your Have Energy Vampires Using Up Your Electricity

Solution: Put Your Chargers On A Schedule With This Smart Power Strip

This smart power strip lets you put all of your chargers or appliances on a schedule or a timer, so they don’t add a ton to your power bill. Each of the three standard outlets has its own power button, and you can control them with an app or voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant. There are also two USB spots in this surge protector and power strip.

Problem: Your Drywall Has A Hole

Solution: Patch Up Any Small Drywall Mishap With This Repair Kit

Even tiny drywall holes should be perfectly patched up, and this small hole repair kit is the easiest option. It comes with a strong repair screen that sticks to your wall, plus all of the spackling and tools you need. You won’t have to worry about shrinking or cracking before you repaint with this best-selling drywall patch, which has over 23,000 five-star reviews.

Problem: You Stress About Undercooked Food

Solution: Double Check Your Meat With This Digital Thermometer

Instead of being stressed every time you cook, simply double-check your food with this digital meat thermometer. It’s waterproof, so you can disinfect it in the sink between checks. The LED screen lets you know if your meat is at the right temperature in just three seconds, which is just as fast as much more expensive meat thermometers. Plus, this quick-read time means you won’t overcook it while you check it.

Problem: You Lose Your Remote & Your Keys

Solution: Add These Beeping Buttons Onto Whatever You Lose The Most

This color-coded key finding kit comes with beeping buttons and a handy remote. Add the buttons to whatever you lose the most and take note of which item has which color. Then, click the corresponding color on the remote anytime you misplace something. These buttons work up to 131 feet away. Plus, the item-finding remote is complete with a flashlight to help you with your search.

Problem: Your Rugs Curl Up & Try To Trip You

Solution: Line Those Curling Rugs With This Roll Of Mesh Tape

If your rug thinks it’s hilarious to trip you up, this roll of extra-thick tape will put an end to the not-so-funny joke. It’s made of mesh fabric that’s strong enough to hold down large area rugs. The double-sided adhesive is also perfect for securing rugs to laminate, wood, and even carpet and cork. You’ll also get 30 feet of this anti-residue tape, which is plenty to adhere to several rugs.

Problem: You Get Stains On Your Furniture

Solution: Reach For A Stain Spray That Doesn’t Need A Washing Machine

Unlike your favorite clothing stain remover, you don’t need to wash out this stain spray. That means it’s super easy to use for furniture and upholstery stains. The non-toxic and 100% biodegradable solution works even on the reddest of red stains like blood, ketchup, pasta sauce, and other hard to clean stains. It also works on your clothes, so it’s honestly the only remover you’ll need.

Problem: You Use Up Your Paper Towels Quickly

Solution: Clean With These Absorbent Dishcloths That You Can Reuse

It’s time to start ignoring your paper towel rolls (they’ll be OK) and give these Swedish dishcloths some attention. You can use them for cleaning, wiping, drying countertops, and more, and they’ll hold up to 20 times their weight in liquid. The textured cellulose and cotton material dries quickly when you’re all done, which means no mildew odors.

Problem: You’re Pretty Unhappy With Your Dryer

Solution: Make Your Dryer Safer & More Efficient With A Quick Vent Cleaning Kit

This dryer vent cleaning kit might be all your dryer needs to get your efficient laundry routine back on track. The bendable hose attaches to your regular vacuum, and it’s the perfect length to reach into your dryer vent and get out every last bit of lint. It’s also helpful to reach behind your dryer.

Problem: Your Fridge Doesn’t Always Close All The Way

Solution: Install This Alarm That Lets You Know When Those Doors Are Open

Whether the door doesn’t close correctly, or you just forget all the time, this fridge door alarm comes in handy. It comes with double-sided adhesive and batteries, so you’re ready to prevent spoiled food. The loud alarm goes off after one minute, but you can also set it to low or normal volume if it’s a little too loud.

Problem: You Can’t See In Your Closets

Solution: Light Up Shadowy Spaces With These Mountable LED Lights

Light up your closets, under cabinet counters, and pantries with these LED light bars that are complete with timers and dimmers. This pack comes with screws and adhesive tape, so they’re easy enough to install in every single closet. When you’re ready to grab something from the closet, tap the light bar or use the included remote to turn them on.

Problem: A Smell Appears In Your Washing Machine Now & Then

Solution: Let These Tablets Clean A Smelly Washing Machine

These washing machine tablets will handle wherever that smell is coming from when you do your laundry. It cleans the drain hose and all of the other hidden parts of the washer that we don’t even know about. They’re also time-release tablets, so they’ll wash and deodorize the entire time your washer is running.

Problem: Your Mattress Isn’t Protected From Spills

Solution: Cover Your Mattress In A Waterproof & Anti-Stain Protector

There’s nothing more annoying than changing your sheets and seeing a stained mattress. This waterproof mattress protector will keep your mattress perfectly clean (or at least prevent new stains). You can machine wash the entire thing, thanks to the durable cotton terry top and the built-in quiet waterproof lining. So, go ahead and spill a glass of wine — this hypoallergenic protector will stop it from staining without ruining the feel of your mattress.

Problem: Your Doorknobs Keep Making Dents In Your Walls

Solution: Stick Some Clear Protectors On The Wall To Stop Dents

You’ll find spots for this durable pack of adhesive wall protectors everywhere. Stick these rubber pads where your doorknob smacks the wall, your fridge hits your pantry, and other problematic spots that can get knicks and holes. They’re clear, lightweight, and will even quiet the annoying sound of a doorknob slamming against the wall.

Problem: Your Veggies Get Mushy In The Fridge

Solution: Place These Produce Extending Liners In Your Fridge Drawers

Clear out the mushy vegetables, place these veggie life extender liners in your fridge drawer, and pack in your fresh food. These little green pads increase airflow around your fruits and vegetables to avoid another mid-week moldy broccoli situation. These BPA-free foam inserts are trimmable for your unique fridge setup.

Problem: Your Seasonal Dinnerware Breaks When You Store It

Solution: Keep Your Special Dishes In These Protective Fabric Cases

Pack away your dinner party dishes, holiday plates, and seasonal drinkware in these protective storage cases. Most of us only reach for those fancy sets once or twice a year. So, the rest of the time, let them hang out in these padded and quilted zip-up bags. This pack comes with cases designed for multiple plate sizes, coffee mugs, wine glasses, and even your nicer-looking cups.

Problem: Your Leather Furniture Has A Few Holes

Solution: Patch Up That Couch With A Kit That Lets You Mix The Perfect Color

Patch up holes, scratches, even cracking on your older leather couch with this repair kit. It comes with a spatula, applicator brush, patches, and a bunch of colors to make it easy to recreate your sofa’s color. It’s not just for older peeling couches. You can repair torn vinyl seats in your car or even that brand new couch you splurged on with this budget-friendly kit.

Problem: Hair Clogs Your Drain All The Time

Solution: Stop Gross Hair Clogs Before They Happen With A TubShroom

This affordable little drain insert is called a TubShroom, and it stops you from seriously pricey plumber bills. This durable plastic protector comes in six colors, including a clear option that blends in with the bottom of your tub. No matter what color you get, this reusable insert catches hair, which you can then wipe right off, which is perfect if your drain gets clogged a lot — like all the time.

Problem: Your Pantry Staples Go Bad Way Too Quickly

Solution: Store Your Dry Staples In These Airtight Containers With Labels

Pantry staples are supposed to be easy and ready to go, not stale. With these clear airtight containers, you’ll know your pasta, granola, cereal, nuts, and baking supplies are fresh. This set of seven comes with labeling supplies for each container, including a chalkboard marker, which can help you sort your bread flour from your almond flour. Plus, this BPA-free set has universal lids with rubber seals that prevent spills if you accidentally knock one over.

Problem: A Dusty Ceiling Fan Is Making You Sneeze

Solution: Clean Off Forgotten Ceiling Fans With These Double-Sided Dusters

If you dust all the time, but your allergies just won’t stop, clean off those ceiling fan blades with these double-sided dusters. When your fans are to blame for your sneezing, the handles extend to up to 47 inches reach all of the ones in your home as well as the corners. With two in a pack and dust-catching brushes, you’re always prepared to fight dust allergies.

Problem: You Can Never Find What You Need In The Fridge

Solution: Put Away Groceries In These Pull-Out Fridge Bins

These fridge organizing bins basically create your organization system for you, so you don’t need to wonder whether or not you have ketchup and accidentally buy three bottles. The set comes with pull-out clear containers designed to fit your produce, that condiment you always reach for, the soda you can never find, and more. You can even stack these BPA-free bins to store groceries you don’t use as often.

Problem: Your Grout Is Pretty Grody

Solution: Brighten Up That Grout With An Easy-To-Use Paint Marker

Grody grout seems like an impossible problem unless you replace your tile, but this paint marker is actually affordable. There’s no tile removal necessary because the waterproof pen and colorant lets you paint up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter grout. If your stained grout is wider, there’s no need to buy two because this pen comes in a wide-tip option.

Problem: Your Clothes Disappear In The Wash

Solution: Wash Your Clothes These Protective Mesh Bags With Zippers

Stop the cycle of disappearing clothes with these breathable mesh laundry bags — especially for your favorite pieces. The smart zipper design keeps each bag securely closed so your best top or comfiest socks won’t go missing. These durable honeycomb mesh bags also come in a bunch of sizes, so you can even use them to protect bras, face masks, or jackets on laundry day.

Problem: Your Furniture Is Too Slippery & Scratches Up Your Floor

Solution: Apply These Trimmable Furniture Pads To Secure Your Stuff

These felt furniture pads aren’t just about preventing scratched-up floors — they’re also about feeling secure in your chair. The rubber coating stops your side tables, couch, chairs, and other items from moving around on the floor. Each sheet is also pre-scored, so you can pop off the perfect size for your chair, table, bed, and more.

Problem: Your Stairs & Hallways Are Full Of Shadows

Solution: Add These 6 Stick-On Lights With Motion Sensors To Dark Spaces

If you’re already in bed and forgot your phone downstairs, these motion sensor lights will help out. These battery-operated lights detect your movement up to 10 feet away and light up the path to your forgotten phone, then turn off again after 30 seconds. Plus, lining your hallway with these adhesive LED lights makes your home look seriously expensive. These lights are easy to install with double-sided tape or optional screws, and these chic lights last for up to 100 hours.

Problem: Heat & Cold Escapes Under Your Doors

Solution: Use A Draft Stopper That Matches The Color Of Your Door

Lock your heat and AC inside when you close your front door with this door draft stopper. Unlike a lot of other adhesive draft stoppers, this one comes in five colors like black, beige, even transparent, so it will blend it with the color of your door. You can also trim down this durable door sealer, so you’ll barely notice it.

Problem: Dirt Gets Tracked In From Outside

Solution: Save Your Floors With A Weatherproof Doormat

Any normal doormat will catch dirt, but this anti-slip doormat is weather-proof and way easier to keep clean, making it equally suitable for indoors or outdoors. It looks like any other mat, but it’s actually made of BPA-free plastic fibers that you can sweep off or spray with a water hose. If one of the corners gets bent or curls up, around five minutes in your dryer will fix it.

Problem: You Waste All Of Your Leftovers

Solution: Scoop Your Extras From Dinner Into These Leakproof Glass Containers

It’s just as easy to scoop your leftover dinner into these glass containers instead of the trashcan. Each container in this pack has a leak-proof, spill-proof, airtight lid that helps keep your food fresher for longer. Plus, this set is safe to use in the fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, making it truly utilitarian.

Problem: It Takes Forever To Find The Spices & Pantry Ingredients You Need

Solution: Spin This Lazy Susan & Quickly Grab Your Spices

If you have to take everything out of the cabinet to find the pantry ingredient you need or constantly find yourself buying new bottles of paprika, it’s time to get this 360-degree spinning lazy Susan. Adding it into your cabinet gives you two levels of spice and small ingredient storage. When it’s time to cook, you can quickly grab what you need with its spinning design. Even if you’re using it for three meals a day, the stainless steel will resist fingerprints.

Problem: Your Pet Spills Food & Makes A Serious Mess

Solution: Let This Pet Bowl Set Catch All Of Your Fur Baby’s Flying Food

Whether it’s your dog or cat that makes a mess during dinnertime, this pet bowl set will help you out. It comes with classic stainless steel bowls that are rust-resistant, but the secret is the anti-skid tray. The food-grade silicone tray keeps the bowls in place, and the raised lip catches all of the flying food bits from scattering across your floor or causing a puddle. It’s available in different bowl sizes and five fun colors to suit your and your pet’s needs.

Problem: Your Wood Furniture & Floors Are Scratched Up

Solution: Cover Up Nicks & Scratches With These Touch-Up Markers

This wood furniture repair set comes in handy on wood surfaces all over your home. The markers and wax sticks work to fill in scratches, nicks, scrapes, and stains on your wooden furniture, baseboards, door frame, floors, and more. They’re also permanent, so you don’t have to worry about scratches reappearing.

Problem: Your Dishwasher Is Gross & Your Dishes Don’t Seem Quite As Clean

Solution: Clean Your Dishwasher With These Easy-To-Use Tablets

Use these dishwasher cleaning tablets to get rid of grime, limescale, mineral buildup, and that occasional smell (we all know the one). Each tablet goes right in your detergent holder, just like your go-to dishwasher pods. It cleans everything you can and can’t see inside your dishwasher. Bonus: your dishes will come out extra-clean, just like they did when your dishwasher was new.

Problem: You’re Always Throwing Away Half Of That Onion Or Tomato

Solution: Save Fruit & Vegetable Halves With These Flexible Silicone Covers

Grab these BPA-free silicone food savers, because there’s always that one fruit or vegetable that you only need half of for a recipe. (It’s honestly always an onion.) This reusable solution comes with five sizes that are flexible enough to fit around the other half of said red onion, a tomato, grapefruit, and more. These food savers can also work on cans and jars and go in the dishwasher when you finally use the other half of your ingredient

Problem: Cold & Heat Slips In Through Your Windows

Solution: Hang Up These Blackout Curtains With Hidden Insulation

Hang up these blackout curtains to darken your bedroom in the mornings but also for a little bit of hidden insulation. The triple-weave fabric insulates your windows to stop your heat and AC from slipping out the window and to stop unwanted heat and cold air from outside coming in. They’re also machine-washable, and you get two panels. Choose from 35 colors to insulate your windows and match your room’s decor.

Problem: Your Cat Scratches Up Your Couch All The Time

Solution: Cover Up Your Cat’s Favorite Corner With These Clear Couch Protectors

Protect your couch with these cat scratch shields, and I promise your furry friend will find something new to scratch on (hopefully a scratching post). These clear shields have an adhesive backing that sticks right onto your sofa’s upholstery. They’re extra-large and easy to trim down. If your cat is seriously determined, use the included pins to keep the sheets extra secure.

Problem: You Occasionally Cross Contaminate During Dinner Prep

Solution: Swap Out Your Chopping Surface With Colorful Mats

With this unique bamboo cutting board, you can be sure you’re not cross-contaminating anything. There’s a hidden pocket on the side of the board to store seven colorful and labeled mats that come with this set. These BPA-free mats fit perfectly on the board, and they’re simple to swap out when you move on from chopping chicken to slicing the cheese.

Problem: You Have Stains On Your Counters & In Your Tub

Solution: Scrub Multi-Surface Stains Away With Tough Melamine Sponges

With these melamine sponges, you’re not doomed with tub, stovetop, or countertop stains forever. These tough sponges are extra-thick and durable, so you can stop using up all of your bleach trying to get rid of stains. You’ll also get 20 in a pack, and they only need water to start scrubbing surfaces all over your house, including steel, marble, tile, plastic, and leather.

Problem: Mold & Mildew Are Living In Your Bath Mat

Solution: Lay Down A Hygienic & Stylish Bamboo Bath Mat

Laying down this anti-slip bamboo bath mat instead of a fluffy one is worth it. Instead of mold and mildew living in your bath mat, this one lets bath water drip through the slats. It dries quickly with the waterproof coating, and air easily circulates under the mat.

Problem: Your Knives Are Dull & Dangerous

Solution: Give New Life To Your Knives With A Sharpening Kit

Your dull knives could definitely be better, but don’t replace them. Use this knife sharpening kit, which is way less scary than most. You get a cut-resistant glove to wear while you sharpen and improve your knives’ efficiency. It’s complete with a safety handle, non-slip base, and three labeled sharpening slots, so the process is safe and easy.

Problem: Pet Odors Are Taking Over Your Home

Solution: Search For Stains & Remove Pet Odors With This Kit

If pet smells are taking over your home, use this two-step odor eliminating kit. Track down the hidden spots and stains with the included UV flashlight. Then, start spritzing with the citrus-scented stain and odor remover. You can also also use it as an air freshener for litter boxes or your sofa.


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