Choosing the right roofing company is a critical decision for the durability and safety of roof work. In today’s article, we will provide practical steps and tips to help you evaluate the company’s experience. So let’s check out the key factors that will allow us to assess whether a particular company is a solid choice for our roofing projects.

How to start checking?

When you’re wondering if a particular roofing company is trustworthy and has real experience, there are a few key steps to take. First of all, start by checking customer reviews on platforms such as Google, where users share their experiences. Positive reviews can testify to the reliability of a company. 

In addition, you should focus on the company’s long experience in the industry. Companies with a long history have often won the trust of clients and gained experience in various projects. Effective communication with company representatives is also a good indicator of professionalism. If you have easy access to information and the company responds to your inquiries, it may indicate that they care about good customer relations. Be sure to get opinions from other people who have used the services of a particular company so you can make the best decision.

Numerous positive opinions

A.B. Edward’s customer reviews are the best possible reflection of the reliability and experience of this roofing company. The long-standing presence in the market of roofing company from Highland Park and numerous positive reviews on Google’s platform confirm that it has won the respect of customers through its professionalism, the quality of its services and its reliable approach to customers.

Customer satisfaction, as expressed in reviews, is a solid recommendation, which translates into confidence that when you choose A.B. Edward, you are dealing with an experienced and trustworthy partner, ready to meet any requirements for work on the roof and beyond.

Many years of experience

A.B. Edward is first and foremost a trustworthy expert in the field of roofing, but also has an impressive 20 years of experience in the market. This long presence in this demanding and volatile industry testifies not only to the company’s stability, but also, above all, to its exceptional professionalism and reliability. Over two decades, the company has gained valuable experience, which allows it to offer top-quality services.

When you choose A.B. Edward, you are choosing to work with a company that not only maintains itself in the market, but has also earned the respect of its customers through the quality of its roofing solutions. Twenty years in the market makes a strong case for why you should trust this proven roofing company.

High quality contact with customers

A.B. Edward’s company is not only distinguished by its extensive experience, but has also won the praise of customers through its professional approach to customer service. Ease of contact, high quality service and fast, accurate problem solving are what set this company apart from its competitors.

The employees of A.B. Edward are ready to help and clarify any doubts related to roofing services. With this professional approach to customers, the company not only meets expectations, but also builds lasting relationships with customers, which is an added advantage when choosing a partner for roof work.

Transparent company policy

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, A.B. Edward Company is also distinguished by its transparent policy, which makes the customer feel confident and comfortable when establishing cooperation with it. The services offered are accurately described and presented, and importantly, the prices are not hidden. Such transparency in action is a sign of professionalism and respect towards the customer.

The company’s long experience is evident not only in the quality of its services, but also in its approach to customers, making A.B. Edward a trustworthy partner for roofing work.


A.B. Edward is a unique combination of experience, reputation and professionalism in the field of roofing work. Its two decades of presence in the market is not only a period of time, but above all the years in which the company has won the trust of numerous customers, enjoying a positive reputation. Transparent company policies, clearly presented services offered and no hidden costs are what make A.B. Edward a trustworthy partner.

Not only experience, but also a professional approach to the customer sets this company apart from its competitors. Promptness and thoroughness in solving customers’ problems, as well as care in clarifying any doubts, make the company not only carry out roofing work, but also ensure the satisfaction of its customers at every stage of cooperation.

Valuable reviews of A.B. Edward, both in terms of its experience and customer relations, confirm that the company is a reliable partner, ready to meet even the most demanding tasks. It is not only a roofing company, but also a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and reliability in every aspect of cooperation.

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