A daybed is a versatile combination of a couch and a comfortable bed that would work wonderfully for a ton of different interiors. This kind of seating has been widely used in bedrooms for years, and it’s only natural that https://www.tinekhome.com/en/collection/daybeds-dayhotel-poufs-125/ manufacturers have come up with more creative and funky designs. Use one to instantly add flair to a bedroom or place it in a small living area to maximize space.

Modern Daybeds

One of the latest trends for modern daybeds is the so-called contemporary design. With this kind of scenario, you’ll get a daybed with simple lines and a minimalist look. The modern daybed is designed to be multifunctional, making it an ideal piece of furniture for both day and night usage. It can be a couch during the day, but it can also function as a bed at night, a storage unit during the day, and even a lounge chair.

However, to get the most out of your modern daybed, you need to equip it with all the right equipment. First of all, you need a sofa. You may think that a couch won’t fit into a daybed. Still, many contemporary sofas will easily fit into any daybed, whether it’s a corner sofa, a loveseat, or something else. Of course, the modern sofa should have good cushions and backrests to be comfortable, but it can also come without this. Just look for the kind of design and the style that would look good with your modern daybed.

Storage Space

If you’re looking for daybeds with storage space, you need to go with a sofa with a chest of drawers. These are perfect for putting away stuff when you don’t want it visible from across the room. Some modern daybeds already have them built-in, while others don’t. It all depends on your personal preferences, so look for the daybed with the most useful features. The modern daybed will only serve its purpose if it’s comfortable and easy to use.

Since most modern daybeds nowadays have both a daybed mattress and a canopy or a pouf, they can also double as daybed beds. If you already have a twin-size mattress and would like to turn it into a queen-sized one, all you need is to buy a daybed frame and mattress separately and attach it to the top bunk of your existing bed. This is the best solution if you have a larger dorm room or a large family that loves staying overnight. If not, then you’ll still be able to use this as your bed at night, with the help of a daybed mattress that has a lower mattress frame and just a canopy over it.

Daybeds also come in different shapes these days, with some models doubling as day beds, while others are designed to provide lounging space underneath. If you’re looking for a simpler model, try to get a rounder one, with curved slats instead of the usual rectangular slats. These daybeds offer more comfort but don’t have the same “show-off” look that more complex designs have. Another great thing about these lounging pieces is that they can double as a daybed couch, so if you already have a daybed frame and a daybed couch, you don’t need to buy another furniture item. Just purchase the lounging unit separately, and you’re good to go.